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Solving the climate crisis requires a diverse mix of energy solutions

Our idea came one late night at Jæren.
We saw the lights from the greenhouses that lit up the night and thought;
"What do they need?"
They need heat. They need light. And they need CO2 for the plants to grow. 

We have developed a system that turns biogas into hydrogen, electricity, heat and green CO2 for use in transport, agriculture, industry and other sectors. 

Based on our experience from the oil industry, we have developed a technology that ensures a circular energy system through the use of biological energy sources.

This is how we create a double climate effect for the benefit of environment and society.

Mailing address:
Grenseveien 21
4313 Sandnes
Visitor adresse:
Grenseveien 21, Sandnes
Egil Vigdel         464 11 819
Kjell Husabø     932 50 934
Trym D. Eide    990 97 300
​Jostein Kleppa  920 22 180

Our employees

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Egil Vigdel
Mobile: +47 464 11 819
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Kjell Husabø
Mobile: +47 932 50 934
Trym Dysvik Eide
Mobile: +47 994 97 300
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Jostein Kleppa
Technical Advisor
Mobile: +47 920 22 180