Who are we?

Our values and experiences

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Who are we?

Agri-e is an energy company that builds, owns and operates plants for the processing of bio-/natural gas for power, heat, hydrogen and CO2.

Our vision

Be an active and preferred party contributing to:
  • ​Increase the potential and competitiveness of agriculture and the greenhouse industry
    • Improved economy
    • Opportunity for increased livestock production
    • Open opportunities for new productions
  • Process biogas to high quality products
    • ​Sustainable value creation
    • Increased utilization of resources in agriculture - circular economy
    • Reduced climate pressure

Our goal is:
  • to contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • to participate in industrial development in agriculture and other industries that use bio-/natural gas and associated technology.

Our experience:
Each of us has 25-30 years of experience from various management and technical positions in the oil and gas and onshore industry, with emphasis on project implementation. Our background from automation and process control has given us insight into all the disciplines required for the implementation of projects, and the challenges that interface management deals between disciplines, different clients and parallel projects requires.

Who we are

Our employees have long experience in design and technology.
Feel free to contact us for a non-binding conversation.
Egil Vigdel
Mobile: +47 464 11 819
Kjell Husabø
Mobile: +47 932 50 934
Jostein Kleppa
Mobile: +47 920 22 180
Trym Dysvik Eide
Mobile: +47 994 97 300