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Agri-e AS

Feel free to contact us

If you would like more information or assistance in making future choices, please contact us.

If you have access to biogas or natural gas, we can provide a solution for optimal energy solution.

We have contacts and can provide planning, construction, start-up and operation throughout the chain from "waste and problem" to opportunities and economics.

We see opportunities where others see problems

Mailing address:
Grenseveien 21
4313 Sandnes
Visitor adresse:
Grenseveien 21, Sandnes
Egil Vigdel         464 11 819
Kjell Husabø     932 50 934
​Jostein Kleppa  920 22 180

Our employees

Egil Vigdel
Mobile: +47 464 11 819
Kjell Husabø
Mobile: +47 932 50 934
Jostein Kleppa
Mobile: +47 920 22 180
Trym Dysvik Eide
Mobile: +47 994 97 300