Processing of bio gas

Processing of bio gas

Renewable energy for greenhouses

Renewable energy for greenhouses

Agricultural industry

Agricultural industry

Hydrogen production

Hydrogen production


Agri-e - one of the solutions in the transition to a zero-emission society

Agri-e use bio gas to produce the following high quality products:
  • Green Hydrogen
  • ​Power
  • Heat
  • CO2 for use in greenhouses and other purposes

Our plants have very high efficiency, and result in major reductions in methane, CO2 and NOx emissions to the atmosphere. Below is a brief description of why we do what we do and our mindset.

Can our high standard of living be combined with sustainable exploitation of the Earth's resources?

We all wish a better and safer future for ourselves and our descendants. Today, we clearly see the need to do significant changes of our way of living to secure sustainable future for the next generations.
Agri-e contributes through our product and business model.

One of the keys towards sustainable development is renewable energy.
Bio masses from the agriculture contains large amount of energy.
By producing bio gas we can supply huge amount of renewable energy to the agriculture, transportation and others.
Only small amounts of this energy is utilized today.
Together with our partners and customers we will utilize renewable bio gas.

Within the field of bio economy it is important to see all you do in a context. In dialogue with our customers we focus on the totality to ensure sustainable solutions.
- improved economy and environmentally friendly solution.

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What's in it for me?

If we are honest, we do ask ourselves this a bit selfish question.


​No matter who you are, there are three things you cannot do without:

Food, Environment & Energy

Bio gas potential in Norway "only" from domestic animals is 2.52TWh of energy

In a world that uses 1.5 times the world's resource base a year, shall we continue to let this go to play?
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Mother Earth
I asked Agri-e:
Why do you do what you do?

We are taking a problem, giving you food, fossil transport and good economy
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Tore Tomato
I've heard many talk about
"The green change"

The Agri-e gives the green change direction and action
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Mister Green