Agricultural industry

Transforming bio gas from bio residues into renewable energy and fuel

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Utilisation of industry's own resources

Agri-e may have the industry's most optimal solutions for energy supply, which gives you the opportunity to exploit bio residues. Agricultural industries have large amounts of bio residues which they in many cases pay large amounts to get rid of. With our system, bio residues can be transformed into renewable energy for buildings and green hydrogen to the transport fleet. This gives big gains in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and companies will save energy cost.

How can Agri-e deliver optimal energy solution?

Agri-e develops, installs, owns and operates facilities for optimal utilization of bio- / natural gas.
Through the process, we get the following valuable energy factors:
  • Green Hydrogen
  • Electricity
  • Heat
  • CO2

Electricity, heat and CO2 are important factors for optimal plant growth and food production.
Green Hydrogen is an important factor for zero emissions in transportation.

Our technology can be combined with other renewable energy source like sun and wind. This gives a flexible solution and the opportunity to additional increase the hydrogen production when there is excess power. With this solution, the companies will have the possibility to install hydrogen filling stations locally at their plants and will then be independent of fossil fuels.

Many companies are currently experiencing customer expectations to deliver climate-neutral food and goods. By utilizing their own resources, companies will have a major competitive advantage in the low and zero emission society.
For society as a whole, it's important that we all contribute to recycle our resources and create balance in the energy chains - circular economy.

There are many factors that determine what's the right solution in each case. Our system is modular and therefore offers many possibilities for adapting to the individual customer's needs.