Decentralised processing of bio gas

We offer systems to convert energy in the form of biogas to power, heat and hydrogen

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Processing of bio gas

We ensure full utilisation of bio gas by upgrading it to these energy factors:

  • Electricity

  • Heat

  • Green Hydrogen 

  • CO2

This provides many possibilities and areas for use:
  • Utilisation of livestock manure and other types of bio mass from agriculture and food industry to increased food production.
  • Further development, new opportunities and circular economics within the agriculture.
  • Road towards a carbon and energy neutral agriculture.
    • Primary industry - on the individual farm
    • Secondary industry - on the plants and transportation in the food related industry.
  • Reduced energy costs.
  • Fossil free energy production.
  • Hydrogen production for transportation.

For whom is this relevant?
  • Single farms or association of several farms where this is natural considering distances and infrastructure.
  • ​Food related industry.
  • ​Greenhouses (more information here)

The systems are built and dimensioned according to customer energy demand and available bio gas quantity.

If you think this is another facility that costs and requires, read the lines below:
  • Agri-e will own and operate the systems. This is a business model that gives you the following benefits:​
    • You as a final customer get an energy price that is competitive with other energy solutions.
    • ​Agri-e vi carry the investment costs.
    • ​Agri-e will ensure high regularity on the system - we are as dependent as you.
    • You can focus on you main buisness.