Renewable energy and carbon capture

Our systems utilise bio gas for renewable energy and carbon capture in plant production

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Optimised energy supply to greenhouses

With optimal energy input from Agri-e, you will achieve increased food and plant production.
Agri-e will deliver energy at a price that challenges today's market prices.

Agri-e develops, installs, owns and operates facilities for optimal utilization of bio- / natural gas.
Through the process in the plant, we get the following valuable energy factors:
  • Electricity
  • Heat
  • CO2
  • Green Hydrogen

Electricity, heat and CO2 are important factors for optimal plant growth and food production.
Green Hydrogen is an important factor for zero emissions in transportation.

Energy demand and delivery
The greenhouse industry requires a lot of energy in terms of electricity, heat and CO2. Even in Norway with the surplus of clean and affordable hydroelectric power, the energy costs in the greenhouse industry account for 25-40% of the annual operating costs.
This makes it economically challenging.

Today, many greenhouse producers don't use CO2, and many who would like to use a lot more than they do today.
With or without CO2 supply can give a difference of approx. 15-40% growth. The challenge is CO2 cost and availability. Our solution will provide affordable CO2 without unnecessary polluting transport. 

In order for Agri-e to deliver energy solutions to our customers, we are working closely with the Norwegian Institute of Bio-economics (NIBIO)​ at Særheim, Klepp.
They are one of Europe's leading research and consulting companies within the greenhouse industry (see Biofresh a project to improve greenhouse production).
For optimal greenhouse operation you want a closed system without any impact for the outside. Where you can control and balance your energy supply til maximize your growth.
With Agri-e systems, production of energy and CO2 can be controlled according to your energy demands. 

Norway is an ideal country for the greenhouse industry

According to leading researchers at NIBIO, Norway is an ideal country for greenhouse industry because of the climate. For optimal production, one wishes to control all factors inside the greenhouse without external impact. Norway currently has the highest crop per m2 of tomato and cucumber in the world.
Norway is perhaps the country in the world that has the most climate friendly production - a large part of the energy comes from hydro electric power and one uses very little pesticides. The world community has a huge focus on environment and pure food - Norway has a unique chance of becoming a pioneer nation and exporter of clean and environmentally friendly food.

​Environmentally friendly and self-sufficient agriculture
Today, we have large amounts of unused energy from bio mass. Using Agri-e's system, one could use this energy for increased food production and significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions - "from problem to greenhouse food production". Here we have a unique opportunity for agriculture to become self-sufficient with energy and, in addition, be able to provide the agriculture's food industry and transport sector with environmentally friendly fuel - circular economy.

In Europe and other areas, there is a challenge to obtain enough green energy to supply the greenhouse industry. In some areas, one has invested in solar and wind energy. ​This is good and clean energy but one of the challenges with this is the instability of energy supply. If you combine solar and wind energy with our solution you will get a stable energy supply. 

Reports for development towards the low-carbon society show that we will depend on utilization of natural gas. By using natural gas through our system, we will be able to supply green hydrogen for transportation and industry. W can also process CO2 for storage or use in the industry.