Agri-e attending "Food and Agriculture 2018"

Agri-e attending "Food and Agriculture 2018"
Good atmosphere during Food and Agriculture 2018
The program was varied and as a "green" thread throughout the day, the main focus was the major changes in agriculture and society. These technological and societal changes can be briefly summarized in the words "the green change". Before the political debate at the end of the day, the agricultural cooperative had the post "Farming Repercussions Effects". This documented the  agriculture financial contribution and numbers of jobs generated throughout the country. Towards the end, the glance was directed towards the amazing opportunities through the Paris agreement and UN's sustainable development goals. 

As a concrete example of opportunities, a film about Agri-e was shown.

After the political debate, it was time for a brief conversation between Agri-e and the Minister of Agriculture, Jon Georg Dale. Agri-e emphasized that it is important to see, seize and exploit the opportunities that "det grønne skiftet" provides. Agriculture will play a major role in dealing with large renewable resources. If we now succeed in looking across sectors we have a unique opportunity to create value and opportunities for Norwegian agriculture. If we take this opportunity, this will also provide large exports of Norwegian technology developed at the intersection of different sectors.


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