Cooperation agreement between Prototech and Agri-e

Cooperation agreement between Prototech and Agri-e
December 12 will be standing as an anniversary in the development of Agri-e. Following a good and close collaboration between Prototech and Agri-e throughout 2017, a pre-negotiated cooperation agreement was signed at Prototech's premises in Bergen.

The agreement will come into effect immediately, and the companies have put together plans for designing, building, testing and commissioning of the first system in 2018.

​The agreement will secure good cooperation to be further development, and will in the coming years give both companies exciting opportunities in Norway and internationally.
​The picture above shows a well-pleased CEO Bernt Skeie in Prototech and an equally satisfied general manager of Agri-e Egil Vigdel after signing the agreement.

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