From Trach to tressure

From Trach to tressure
Agri-e was given the opportunity to contribute to a work shop organized by Nordic Energy Research on Thursday, 7th of June.
The purpose of the work shop was to provide input on the Nordic level for how to reduce and counteract food waste.

There will always be some food waste that cannot be avoided.
This is not waste but a valuable resource.

How can this resource be utilized in a sustainable way?
Here we were given the opportunity to point out that the production of biogas from this resource, along with the bio rest, is a solution that gives value today and which will be a forward-thinking solution.
The solution also contributes to strengthened the circular thinking: resources are reintroduced in food production.

How we think biogas will be a future-oriented solution is described in more detail on our websites, but briefly summarized below:

We process biogas to high-value energy sources such as hydrogen for use in the transport sector.

Read more about hydrogen.

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