Meeting with the Norwegian Minister for Agriculture and Food

Meeting with the Norwegian Minister for Agriculture and Food
From left; Minister for Agriculture and Food Bård André Hoksrud, County Mayor Rogaland Solveig Ege Tengesdal, Managing director Agri-e Egil Vigdel and Managing director NIBIO, Klepp Arne Sæbø.
Thursday 27th of September, Agri-e was invited to give a presentation during the opening of a new research plant at Særheim, Klepp.

During this event, we also had the opportunity to meet with the Minister for Agriculture and Food, Bård André Hoksrud, to inform him about the technology we are going to realize and what opportunities it provides for renewable energy, energy efficiency and reduced greenhouse gas emissions in agriculture, transport and other sectors.

The meeting also included leaders from Norske Shell, Norled, IVAR and Felleskjøpet Rogaland Agder, and 2 greenhouse owners. In addition, Rogaland Fylkesmanns Agriculture Director participated.
The aim of the meeting was to show what unique opportunities we have in the food and energy county Rogaland to make good solutions for agriculture and other sectors. The industries in Rogaland are ready to carry out sustainable solutions across sectors that the entire country will benefit from. Based on feedback we have received, this is something that also captures interest beyond Norway's borders.

We hope central government will join the team. As Bård André Hoksrud stated at the opening of the Research Growth House, People in this district has always shown that they get things done. Now the government has a possibility to move from word to action where we strengthen Norwegian agriculture, reach our climate goals in several sectors and become an international spearhead for the low and zero-emission society.

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